Friday, November 12, 2010

Nature In Art

Last week I was Artist in Residence at Nature In Art, a lovely museum and art gallery dedicated entirely to, well, nature in art.  I've been a couple of times before, in the spring but this was the first time I'd been at this time of year and filled in at the fairly last minute for someone else who had dropped out.

It's a lovely place to be and work but I have to admit that this time towards the end of the week I was feeling rather cold by mid-afternoon.  The studio is in effect a conservatory onto a brick wall.  Lovely light, plenty of space.  But chilly, in spite of a new heater.

I spent most of the week catchin up with making silk-painted cards, a job which in fact I have been finishing off this week.  The photo shows my latest additions.  I don't think I've become obsessed with irises, but I do love them and so do many other people.  The iris canvasses are much admired and I always sell a lot of cards of iris wallhangings, so I decided to do a few silk-painted cards as well.  Normally the silk-painted cards are cartoon-like but this time I went for a slightly more realistic look.  And I rather like them.  I hope you do too.  Especially if you're a customer.

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