Monday, April 27, 2015

It must be forty-four years ...

... since I last made cream horns.  Immediately after school I attended an amazingly quirky place called Eastbourne School of Domestic Economy, where the main subjects were Cookery, Dressmaking, Needlework, Housework and Laundry.  I did particularly well at Cookery but didn't want to spoil my love of it by using it in any kind of employment.  Considering we were only there for three terms - there was an optional fourth term which I didn't do, deciding I could teach myself the main skills it contained at home - we covered an amazing amount of ground.

I well remember making cream horns but although I spent a fair bit of time developing various cooking skills at home during the following year, I don't think my mum has ever owned cream horn moulds.  I knew I had an unopened pack of them which I'd had for many years and when I re-organised my baking tins etc earlier this year, the cream horn moulds emerged.  They cost £1.37 from Rossiter's in Bath.  I last lived there in 1977, so they've been around a long time.

Yesterday I used them!  Hurray!  Success!  My only regret is that the moulds come in packs of six so you can only make six at a time.


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