Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is it really two months?

I'm still here.  I notice it's around two months since I posted here last, though.  I can't honestly say why the lapse.  There's been nothing in particular to stop me.

Possibly my online time has been distracted by taking part in a Photo A Day challenge.  I'm not being obsessive about it but other than when I had flu for a few weeks, I've been keeping up the daily challenge.  The one I'm doing is focussed on a Facebook group, which provides the prompts.  I don't always post in the group but am keeping a Facebook album of the challenges myself.  You don't have to be on Facebook to view the photos here.     
If you're unfamiliar with Facebook albums, click on the first photo and then after that you can click on the right arrow to move forward through the album.

In the mean time I have been enjoying and planning some holiday experiences.  For me, a holiday experience can be an actual holiday away but equally can be an experience which is out of the ordinary or a particular treat.  Yesterday I went with two friends to Casamia Restaurant in Bristol and enjoyed a fabulous tasting menu.

I could write a lot about the experience, but instead I'm just going to post photographs of the food with the occasional note if the picture needs any explanation


Under the intensly flavoured cardamom foam lurked a hen's egg and confit of duck.

The vinegar "caviar" on the mushroom risotto was possibly the most exciting taste experience of the evening for me.

The photo isn't out of focus - you're looking at liquid nitrogen vapour coming off the dish!

The miniature meringues on the passionfruit dish were flavoured deliciously with tarragon ... 

... and the transparent tuiles in the variations of mandarin dish contained rosemary and thyme (and another herb which I've forgotten.)

There was also a tiny carrot cake and chocolate fruit and nut on a stick to finish, however no time to photograph those because we had to leave in a hurry for our taxi.

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