Friday, January 8, 2010

Silver and gold

I've always been attracted to shiny things and as a child always wanted to know if things were "real" gold.  Silver and gold have been embellishing my textiles work for a long time and it's probably something like ten years since I've used metal lustres on my pottery too.  Sometimes customers at the market say things like "those stars aren't real gold, are they?" and I'm pleased when they look impressed to hear that they are. 

Do you remember the children's hymn, "Daisies Are Our Silver" ?  I once embroidered some very mini cushions (about 4cms x 6cms) each with the appropriate flower and line of the hymn.  Just one of those textiles projects one does that nobody else knows what to do with ;)  Those cushions were probably the first artwork I made using metallic thread.  Recently I've been working on things that have no glitter or beads but I can't imagine that there isn't something sparkly just round the corner. 

In the mean time, "silver and gold" was the phrase that jumped into my head yesterday morning when the first sun hit the snow-covered, frozen trees.  These photos are some of a set which can be seen here.  More snow pictures are here;  these were mostly taken while it was snowing or just after.  They have a quality of their own and I'm glad I've got them, but the silver and gold images lift my heart in a way that the very snowy pictures can't. 

I must have been a magpie in a previous life!

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