Monday, September 14, 2009

Brown dog in the sun

Have I got you singing yet? Even M, who is not known for remembering much music from the seventies, remembers the Boney M song and both of us have been singing it from time to time during the last couple of months. It's probably worth another listen to revive the memories. Enjoy!

Anyway, the cause of this strange outbreak of retro is that Charlie is now a brown dog. We arrived at the end of April with a black labrador, but he's been gradually getting more and more chestnut on his body (head, legs and tail have remained black.)

In August we met someone we see once or twice a year who even said "You've got a different dog! You had a black one last year."

I'm now wondering how long it will be before he returns to a completely black dog.


  1. I had a black and white rabbit when I was a child. The fur on his back always went brown in the summer in much the same way.

  2. That's encouraging, it means it went back to black in the winter. I prefer Charlie dressed in black on the whole!