Friday, October 16, 2009

Nothing nasty in the woodshed ...

...unless you count a few bits of rubbish destined for the tip. But the exciting news is that we have a woodshed.

I'm sorry that this is probably not a very interesting post for those of you who read my blog but don't actually know our house, but for those who do and who may have been following the development of Shed City (as it is known), you will see that we have now converted some semi=detacheds and a detached to a terrace, by joining the green shed (which, yes, is the one on the left looking rather brown) to the blue shed and making a place for firewood.

What you can see stacked up is the wood that M collected last spring. Some of it has dried out and is probably burnable now, but some could not be protected over the summer and will need further drying. We may end up buying one load of ready-to-burn logs to kick-start the system, but M hopes in future to rescue enough wood by the spring to then dry out enough to last the whole of the following winter. Fingers crossed!

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