Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today we've been shopping. Well, we've been looking at outlets, one existing, two new. The existing one is sort of on hold at the moment but the two new ones look good, in particular ByLocal. Rosie and Helen started this venture in a huge empty ex-toyshop in Cheltenham, at first as a six-week summer project. I would have been keen to be part of the project from the start but of course was in France at the time. The good news is they've got an extension until Christmas. I'm hoping to take work over there in a couple of weeks. It really is a lovely shop and well worth a visit if you are in Cheltenham.

This was a great way to finish a busy day. The shop was really inspiring and rescued me from a whole pile of indecision I was in earlier this morning. Next week can be spent sorting out stock, making plans of what pots need making and making photo cards for the two new outlets.

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