Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life has its compensations .....

... and here is one.  These were on my desk as I walked in from the cold yesterday evening.  I think I liked them better in the milk bottle with the note than if they had been in a vase.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


You know you see on TV programmes and films that people turn up at their own houses on their birthdays, open the door into a dark room and then all their friends and rellies shout "SURPRISE!"?   Well, it was a bit like that when I opened the kiln door on Wednesday morning.  And all these blue and orange stripey mugs shouted out at me.

What was the surprise?  Well, I didn't know I'd painted orange stripes.  They were meant to be dark blue ones.  I quite like them, though.  I hope other people do too as I've got eight of them.

The flan dishes weren't a surprise as such.  What's more of a surprise is that I've never done blue ones before.  I've only either done them in the oatmeal star design for the Made In Stroud shop, where they've usually gone quite quickly.  I like these very much indeed.  I'm getting more into serving dishes, I find.