Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still here

Some time in the last week or so I realised that my last blog post warned of forthcoming surgery and that so much time had elapsed since the surgery date that it would be reasonable to ask if everything had gone ok.

It has, thank you for asking.  A GP I wasn't all that keen on once redeemed himself considerably by telling me that getting doctors to agree about something was like trying to herd cats.  It was good to have this in mind a week after my surgery when, although things had gone fine, I clearly wasn't fully recovered.  Why would I be?  Well, because the first surgeon I had seen (before the operation) had told me that within a week or ten days I would be completely back to normal.  No other doctor I've asked since can imagine why he said that, but he did, so it was always in the back of my mind in a sort of "but the surgeon said so" kind of way.  Eventually, I've remembered the unherded cats and felt better about things.

So although I'm still not completely recovered, I'm still here.  In a manner of speaking.  Actually, just at the moment I'm there rather than here, if you see what I mean, since I'm somewhere else.  All clear now?  Good.

And we were very pleased to find that here is still here, also.  Hiding behind two summers' worth of growth,  but here nevertheless.  This is more or less (more trailer, slightly less grass) what we saw when we arrived.

It's not much different now, to be honest, and we're not planning to try to make up for two summers in a few short weeks, but so far there have been no major disasters.  Since we arrived the weather has been kind (though I see some rain is expected tomorrow) and I've more or less finished the essential cleaning and unpacking.  I am, eventually,  after what seems like many years but is really only two, getting a break.  I'm eating what I feel like eating, sitting and reading and generally just listening to the wildlife and hope to be doing more of that in the next week or so.  I think it's what people call a holiday.

I'm beginning to think I was actually more unwell and for longer than I thought I was, considering the exclamations of "Oh, you look well!" that I've been hearing from all sorts of people.  Certainly I had a year of increasing stress, followed by a few months of less stress, followed by starting to feel more unwell, followed by quite a few months of feeling ill and not being able to work full time.  Although I say I am not fully recovered (and not yet back working), I'm only talking about the body.  As a person I feel like myself again.  And I do rather like it.

I do, of course,  have work with me. Not to mention the current stock in my online shop, so that it is still fully operational.

Oh, did I not mention that I have a super spiffy new website complete with online shop?  Sorry.  Well, I do.

Do go and take a look, if you haven't already.