Friday, June 13, 2014

Photo walk

I am starting a mini project which I'm calling my Photo walk.  It's a daily project but I'm not going to be anal about the daily bit.  I'll try to do it most days but if something else crops up or I forget or the weather is unpleasant then I won't bother.

Each day I will take the same walk, or at least part of it, and while on my walk will take one or more photos.  The photos might be of anything at all that I can see from the path or road I'll be walking along.  This one of ripening wheat was on the first day.  I had it as my cover photo on Facebook for a day and then it was replaced by this one.

I haven't decided exactly what I'll do with the photos; whether to use them just on Facebook, or try to blog them daily or what. 

Today I took a series of photos to show my basic route.  The top one shows the route setting out, the bottom one coming back.  This will mostly be my walk although on days when I have more time I hope to get just round the corner from where the fourth picture shows, to reach a little bridge.

I'm pleased with the montage of my route because it gives a good idea of what my walk really looks like and why it probably doesn't appeal to people much as a walk, certainly not repeated daily.  But take a camera with you and ....