Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty things

I'm not usually aiming for pretty, but it just seems the right word for my newest pottery designs, using a variety of coloured and precious metal lustres.  These red and amber lizards are my favourites.  They're just how I hoped they would look.  I've made some wallhangings in these sorts of colours but they're never fast to sell so possibly other people don't go for these colours in the same way, but for me the whole red/pink/orange spectrum is delicious when you add gold.

I also tried a variety of designs on mugs.  As well as the different coloured lustres I've started using, there were some underglaze colours I experimented with.

Some were more successful than others.  The reddish spots and stars are bluish in some lights, so not quite as bizarre as they may look at first.

And finally, I do also very much like this combination, which uses copper lustre rather than gold or platinum.

There's much more time spent painting these so they'll be more expensive than others of the same size, but I hope people will think they're worth it.  I'm really looking forward to doing some more next year.