Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blank canvasses

In a way I see every new year as a blank canvas.  I've written before about how I love the structure of times and seasons and a new year always looks like an opportunity to me.  Of late new years have been opportunities to catch up with work which then haven't turned out as I'd hoped.  In 2012, though, I got my general health back.  I hadn't really realised how much of it I'd lost until it returned!  Almost immediately after I was recovered from surgery I fell over hard on the pavement, sustaining an injured tendon in one place, cartilege in another and ligament in a third.  These injuries haven't really healed much, to be honest,  but I'm still well.  Well, but injured.  There's a huge difference.

During the autumn we worked really hard at doing lots more markets, since the permanent outlets I'd been selling in started closing.  I say we because I'd find it really hard going without the work done by M as roadie and pot shifter.  My showroom is upstairs so for any event the work has to be packed up, boxes brought downstairs and into the car and then afterwards carried upstairs again.  It's heavy work and I'm so grateful that I don't have to do it all myself.  Anyway, amongst the markets I also just ploughed on making pots and although I haven't caught up, I have done reasonably well and for the first time in ages I don't need to concentrate on catching up.

So - a blank canvas.  And the photo shows eight new pieces of dupion silk which arrived this morning, ready for some new embroidered canvasses.  Another Beastly Art Exhibition opens at Nature in Art on 5th February and there is new work to make for it.  More about the exhibition, and the new work, anon.

Happy New Year.