Monday, April 15, 2013

By popular request

I don't normally do by popular request.  There are all sorts of things I could make that people would buy but generally I try to stick to making what I want to make.  Here's an example of how you can do both!

Some people had commented that my earrings were too long and dangly for them, and didn't I make any smaller ones.  Well, these aren't really what you'd call small, but they are smaller than the others, at just 3cms from the end of the ear wire to the tip of the earring.  Once I had the idea for the shape, I could see that it lent itself to being slightly smaller than some of the others.  All my earlier designs are 4.5, 5 or 5.5cms long, so this does go some way to please those with shorter necks (as I understand that's the reason people want shorter earrings.)

The next idea I had worked out shorter than I expected, too.  These are certainly not as delicate as the kite-shaped earrings, but they're still only 3.5cms long.

Finally, some that are similar to the above (also about 3.5cms), which are really delicate and pretty and then some that are completely different (3.2cms.).

I like all of the new designs but the orange ones here at the bottom are possibly my favourites.  I'd keep them, except I can't wear orange.