Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I'm having a Tiggerish sort of a day.  My head is full of many things, most very small, but all seem exciting and I want to do them all at once.  This is some of what the inside of my head looks like this morning:

ordering more silk scarves and paint
photographing some of my new scarves because they'll fit today's Photo A Day prompt
painting, drying, washing, ironing at least one more scarf before I take the photos
organising online postage for two items
taking advantage of the sunshine and continuing with preparing veg beds
walking to Waitrose
cooking up aubergine & tomatoes for supper
preparing the materials to make card and paper daffodils with Holly
going (by car) to collect my vit D prescription before I forget
sending a couple of emails
putting together a shop delivery
preparing for a visit to my parents
sorting out some scrap metal for the tip
phoning a friend ...

... and breathe. 

I clearly can't do them all today.  But sometimes Tiggerish days feel good (though they'd be exhausting every day).  And two coal tits just visited my coconut feeder.  Not long enough to have their photo taken, so you'll have to make do with one of my regular robins.  They don't seem bothered by the camera as long as it's the other side of the window.