Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nothing to report

I like the phrase "nothing to report".  It's not technically an oxymoron but it is a nice contradiction in terms: a report is clearly being made, therefore there is something, even if it is that there is nothing.  I picture a couple of tired cops watching a dark house in a lonely street overnight and checking in with "nothing to report".  What they really mean is that there's no activity of the sort they're watching out for.  But that *is* a report.  I probably watch too much cop tv.

I see it's been three months since my last co ...  oh, sorry, no, that's not it.  Three months since my last blog post.  Astonishing!  I've occasionally thought I should write something, at least to make it clear that the blog is still live, but haven't known what to write about.  Nothing to report.  Except, of course, I've been leading a full and busy life as usual.

Suddenly in the last few days I have felt like writing.  What's changed?  I think it has to do with creativity.  Whatever you think of my writing, for me it is one of the many things I do that come from the part of me called "artist".  If that part is very busy doing other things then I think writing tends to go to the back of the queue.  I have now more or less finished making work that I need for events before Christmas so writing steps forward.

I have Ideas for other posts.  They may come thick and fast.  Or they may not.

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