Friday, November 27, 2009

A place for everything and everything in its place

"A place for everything and everything in its place" is one of those phrases often trotted out in a mocking tone and accompanied by a reminiscence of a pernickity person who drove everyone up the wall. The phrase has become thought of as belonging to people who are, to use the modern idiom, rather retentive. So it was with some hesitation that I decided to go with it as a title and to own up to it. But hey - my name is Jane and I believe that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

This is a photo of the table in my study - empty. It's a delight. This table is genuinely empty, it hasn't just been cleared prior to using it as a dining table. We (well, mostly I) have put away everything that was on it.

I find it difficult to explain my feelings about things like this but over the last few years I have tried because M just doesn't feel the same way. I've heard people say that homes where nothing is left out don't look lived in, but really, honestly, the picture above does not show a home that is not lived in and yet everything has been put away.

Even on my desk, things are looking fairly good at the moment.

I do admit to a pile of magazines on my left and a couple of computer-related objects on the far back right but the latter are waiting for the early part of next week when N is going to come and rescue my desktop computer and the former are waiting to be read. I am gradually working through them and anticipate some chunks of time on soon when I can seriously read more of them. (There are breakfast dishes too but I don't feel any apology is needed as it was breakfast-time when I took the photo.)

When rooms are tidy I feel a sense of wellbeing. My surroundings are important to me and by and large I have gone to some trouble to create an environment I like. If there is clutter then the environment becomes a different one. If I'd wanted a cluttered environment in the first place, I'd have created one. Untidiness didn't feature in my original plan.

I'm not unhappy all the time there is untidiness but eventually, from time to time, muddle builds up to the extent that I do feel oppressed by it. When we have a good clear-up I feel tons better afterwards. When the house has been cleaned as well, I feel even better. You just get a different quality of light reflected of clean surfaces. Things show their true colours when freed of dust.

I should make something clear to those who haven't been in my home. Although I love my house to be clean, it doesn't get such a high priority that clean is a state you often see. I like a clean house but I like so many other things as well and mostly the other things win. But tidy is different.

So here is my lovely tidy (and clean) study. All ready for my Open Day on Sunday. Here is information about the Open Day. If you're within reach, do come.

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  1. Hurrah! Claim your love of order - there are more of us out there then you'd think :)))