Monday, May 24, 2010

Greenhouse project - concrete

I'm sorry I won't be here today; I'm working at the Arts and Crafts Centre.  I've never actually seen premixed concrete being delivered and worked on and would very much have liked to.  And it's my greenhouse, my garden, my pottery the concrete is surrounding.  And I'd have liked to take pictures, for the record. But there we are.  The concrete will be here this morning but I won't.

The site is prepared.  Water and electricity emerge from the garage and will then go underground and re-appear in the greenhouse in each 'room'.

In front of the pottery (the building that may remind you of a garage) a retaining wall has been built so that the ground just in front can be level enough to wheel a ware trolley out to dry pots in the sun.

Behind the pottery (beside the new fence panels) the path will end up higher but level with the pottery floor, as it will be all round.

And over the main area is laid pig wire to reinforce the concrete.

You can probably see now why I have been describing this as so much more than a greenhouse project.

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