Friday, July 2, 2010

Photographing wildlife

Followers of this blog and other friends to whom I send links to photos will know that I became a little obsessed with photographing insects last year.  I had planned to concentrate on landscape photography but although I did take some good autumn landscape shots, most of my time was spent on insects.

Well, here I am again in photographer mode and I've still got the bug.  (Sorry about that.  You can stop groaning now.)  This year we seem to have even more butterflies than ever and I have been snapping away.  Actually,  one or two pictures are rather promising.  But then, just as I think I'm doing ok with the butterflies, along come some fledgling kestrels.  They're not there all the time, of course.  And when I go out to find them, the dog inevitably decides he must come too and I think it is he who disturbs them.  We had a fantastic view of them flying low just over us when we came back in the car the other day but I haven't been able to get that close.

So - this is perhaps one of the clearest of the batch.

I'm not sure it's my favourite, though. I rather like the ones I captured when two of the young kestrels decided to descend on a crowd of pigeons I hadn't even noticed.

You can see the rest of the photos here.

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