Sunday, May 31, 2015

New poems

Sometimes new poems are like internet posts you make after one too many glasses of wine - best not made public.  Encouraged by others to write openly about bereavement has meant that I've been more inclined to share poems, but if in any doubt at all, I have tried to wait at least a day to make sure a new poem is really something I want to share.   Is it too raw, too much stream of consciousness (which I confess my poems tend to be) or actually not very good at all?  It's worth writing the bad ones, I think, for reasons of self-expression, self-discovery and similar.  There's just no need to make them public and most of my poems do not, indeed, see the light of day.

I'm pleased with this one, though.

summer tasks like
removing the winter’s cobwebs
strimming the grass
around the house
putting out the garden furniture
and generally
making the place feel
like the home it has been.

as I wait for his children
it feels more as if
I’ve been lighting lamps
keeping the home fires burning
and other arcane winter tasks
like a beacon in the dark for them
here one last time.

1 comment:

  1. Jane, that's poignant and perfect. Thank you. And thank you for my letter :)