Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being in the right place

This red hot poker plant regularly flowers in the autumn or winter here. It's just completely in the right place. Whatever the soil has here must be beneficial because I haven't done anything to look after it for some years and I'm pleased to say it is thriving on the neglect. I had the plant originally as a piece from my grandmother's garden and my mother had some too but never got it to flourish in her own garden. Things just like being in the right place.

I feel much the same and lately I have increasingly not been able to feel in the right place. The dull weather hasn't helped. Apart from preventing me from being interested in taking any photos, it just makes everything else a bit dull too. Today was beautifully sunny and this was doubly striking because of the contrast with the recent gloom.

Gloom has been some of what I've felt recently too. This rib injury has really been getting me down. Just as I think I am pretty much recovered, it has a little set-back. Yesterday I just felt incredibly angry all round and I think a lot of that was triggered by gloom about my slow recovery. Things always seem to take much longer with me.

Today, as well as a lovely dose of sunshine, I had a treatment from my chiropractor, who also practises kineseology. He is so good for me. He addresses the bits general practitioners don't and by and large what he says about body structures and healing usually turns out to be much more accurate than what the conventional medics say. So today I needed a twist in my back straightened out but I also wanted help with generally being able to heal. D thinks that rather than 6 weeks, a cartilage injury such as mine would probably need 3-4 months to both heal and settle. The need for time to settle is probably key here. It's not a unique view. My acupuncturist usually suggests similarly long times for recovery. But D talked a lot of sense and checked things out and said the healing was progressing and not stuck. He had good advice about what to try when and generally flagged some things up that offer a new perspective on healing and should make the process smoother.

So I am back in the right place. My world looks as I expect it to look. The creeping gloom and anxiety seems to have retreated and I've been able to do stuff again. Physically I'm a bit achey after the treatment but otherwise things feel right.


  1. Would swimming in a warm pool help? Or gentle movements? I am thinking of a hydro pool. is there one locally? Would your doctor prescribe it? I found it was very good when I had a frozen shoulder and very arthritic bits and was too fat to move easily. It is usually with a physiotherapist.

  2. Thanks, but I think I just have to be patient. Apparently I am healing quite well for the length of time. Swimming wouldn't be helpful for this particular injury as the arm movements would aggravate the cartilage.