Monday, February 8, 2010

The greenhouse project - well, I'm impressed ....

... but I accept that you may not be. I mean, it's not a very exciting photo, really, and unless you're actually on the ground, perhaps you can't get a proper feel of the site, but for me, today's work (not mine, I hasten to add) has definitely turned the spot into a Site. Two trailer loads of subsoil were duly hoiked up to the tip, the last trip in snow, and the site is now somewhere near to being levelled. You can see the whole area which will be receiving new concrete. A little more excavation and a lot of working out of levels is now needed, but I understand that it may not be necessary to actually remove any more stuff from the site. The next job (when it is not snowing) will be for M to work out the exact levels all round where concrete will be deposited. At the same time we are ready to get our builder in to take a water pipe from the pottery (that's a garage to you) underneath where the greenhouse will be and for M to do the same with some electric cable.

The weather will need to improve even for these preliminary tasks, let alone any concreting, but rather like the first hellebore buds that I've spotted in the garden, this is a sign that growing things are on their way.

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