Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I never thought ...

... I'd find myself using hearts as a motif to decorate pots and I certainly never thought I'd make heart-shaped dishes.

but here are some of the latest batch.  About thirty years ago when I was attending Ridge Pottery summer schools, Douglas used to show us how to make different shaped dishes, and often a heart shape was one of them.  I was already teaching then and soon tired of "love-hearts", as the kids used to call them, decorating exercise books, pencil cases and anything else that could be doodled on.  It really turned  me off the whole idea of hearts as decoration.

I've thawed slowly over the years.  Leaving full-time teaching in schools helped.  The youngsters I worked with subsequently were, for whatever reason, less inclined to splatter their world with hearts.  Eventually I started decorating some of my lustred mugs with hearts.  They seemed to go down well enough.

Last year I introduced a new design on mugs and bowls and made my first heart-shaped dishes.  They sold.  Faster than the mugs and bowls, actually.  I made some more.  They sold out by Christmas.  So this January I made lots more still.  They are destined for "Hearts and Flowers" and some were also part of the deliveries I made to three outlets last week. 

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