Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exciting things are happening ...

I have at last finished my new big 'canvas' and I'm quite excited about the result. I can't remember which TV programme it was where someone regularly said, "I love it when a plan comes together," but that is basically me. I do spend many, many hours of my life planning things - meals, trips, budget and, of course, work. It could be a reflection of the time I spend planning or the determination which is typical of an Aries personality, but my plans usually do come together.

This one's been a long time in the making. Faithful followers of this blog may remember my writing about artist's block and then how I had the answer and the answer is silk dupion. (I know, I know, you thought it was 42.) Well, here is the last sneak preview of my new large canvas showing the silk dupion. What you don't see is that the dupion covers a framework.

This has been an interesting learning experience. I spent some time (while we were in France) making the first three frames for a set of landscapes. Working out how to stretch the dupion over the frame without a line from the inside edge of the frame showing on the front took quite a bit of fiddling about. Then when I went into the art shop to buy card to make my Christmas cards, I discovered that one can buy the sides ready cut, mitred and prepared for joining. This was such an exciting discovery that I immediately bought some of the smallest size to experiment with.

The size of the frames and the time of year and the general theme of irises immediately inspired me and I have now made two sets of three small pieces based on iris reticulata. These little chaps are so joyful - how can you not love them? I'm rather pleased with my two sets as well as the large piece. So then I had seven finished pieces to frame.

The frames do indeed join up really easily. I've since invested in a staple gun to make it easier to attach the silk to the frame. I've dusted off my jigsaw (well, to be fair it didn't need dusting off because I keep it in its original box) and this speeded up cutting the hardboard for the back.

The teaser photos are meant to be just that, however, I am so excited about the new work that I am thinking of posting just one picture of one of the small pieces sometime soon. A little more thought is needed.

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